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Have you ever found Terrell Owens new photos around the address of Muscle mass and Physical fitness journal? Properly this 233 pound football participant maintains single-digit human body body fat levels year-round. Even so the Terrel Owens workout software doesn’t use cost-free weights as an alternative Owens includes a new and innovative residence fitness center and it can be not what you feel!

(Terrell Eldorado Owens of the Dallas Cowboys — is considered amongst the NFL’s premier huge receivers.)

Owens identified for his ripped 6 pack stomach muscles and single-digit overall body fats has an interesting way of schooling. Contrary to most other NFL gamers he has supplied up coaching with totally free weights.

You happen to be probably wanting to know why — correct?

Nicely at any time given that his injury of years back again, Terrell Owens has long been making use of resistance bands or as they are often are identified as… workout bands for your bulk of his resistance or power teaching.

Actually, he has gone on the report and indicated that he will under no circumstances go back to cost-free excess weight teaching and credits most — otherwise all of his athletic general performance and prowess on his new Terrell Owens exercise program utilizing resistance bands.

The exercise bands that he uses for his — TO routines — tend to be the new Bodylastic’s Terrel Owens strongman edition house gymnasium.

Indeed that is right — Terrel Owens now has his own home health club in the marketplace. But, this can be in contrast to every other residence fitness center — in actual fact — it is really billed as a low-cost substitute towards the Bowflex and Overall Health club.

You could contact these resistance bands on… steroids, simply because the Terrell Owens Bodylastics resistance bands can provide you with around 254 kilos of resistance for each arm.

Now in addition to producing a highly effective household gymnasium Terrell Owens has even just lately printed a ebook on — health — what else!

Listed here tend to be the four things I favored most with regards to the Terrell Owens workout application and his new Bodylastics resistance band house fitness center:

one. You are able to carry out more than a hundred and forty wellbeing club high-quality exercises conveniently.

2. Including resistance is a simple as clipping another band on the manage. Every tackle might have approximately seven bands hooked up to it.

three. Owens has developed an excellent solution and in many cases go thus far concerning give you a lifetime warrantee on the resistance bands — no-one else even comes close to such a the guaranty.

4. In the event you ended up to buy his new e book on physical fitness and workout routines he would very easily cost you about $30 however you receive the Terrell Owens exercise session method totally free after you purchase his house gymnasium.

All in each of the Terrell Owens tremendous strongman version Bodylastics dwelling gymnasium is an excellent product. The sole disadvantage is the fact it is really not as cheap as most resistance band gyms out there. It sells for roughly $99.

But, in my opinion the quality, the assist and coaching software, plus the quantity of resistance and workout routines conveniently makes this a low-cost alternate to Bowflex or Total Gymnasium.

For my part, it is actually certainly one of the best sets of resistance bands on the market right now.

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